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Paul Tellefsen is an entrepreneur and digital marketer who specializes in brand strategy, graphic design, and filmmaking. He is the Co-founder of House of Growth. Paul Tellefsen uses the pseudonym, technopaul for his professional work.

Paul Tellefsen believes that people and stories have the power to unite us through innovating digital and analog connection. This conviction has led him to create several documentaries about the creative industry.


Paul Tellefsen was the executive producer of the 2013 documentary film, 'Instagram Is'.


Paul Tellefsen was a recipient of the 2019 Creative Director of the Year at the Canadian Country Music Awards for his work with Country Music Star Paul Brandt. He was also recognized as a Webby Honoree at The Webby Awards in 2020 for his work with Land Rover.

Companies Paul has founded

Paul Tellefsen is the founder and CEO of "technopaul productions, LLC". Paul Tellefsen is the Founder and Creative Director of Able Creative House, LLC and the Co-Founder of House of Growth.


Paul Tellefsen graduated from the University of Texas at Dallas in 2013 with a Bachelor of Arts in Emerging Media and Communication.

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Paul Tellefsen is the Co-Founder of House of Growth.

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